Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok, I have finally found some time to write about my experiences at Newgrange a couple of weeks ago. Since some of you might not know what or where Newgrange is I will start with some geeral information about the site. Newgrange is a megalithic passage tomb, located in the Boyne valley in Ireland, about an hour's drive from Dublin.Megalithic means it was built of(large) stones. Newgrange was buit about 5000 years ago, which means it is older then the pyramids in Egypt. What makes Newgrange passage tomb is the fact that there is a passage inside that takes you to the center of the tomb...the tomb bit should be quite clear, lol. The wonderful thing is that Newgrange has been entirely restored and you are able to go inside with a guide. To me that was the most wonderful thing I could imagine, despite my fear of enclosed spaces. So we drove up there, in the snow (snow is quite rare in the Dublin area), and the first view we got of the monument was just breathtaking. It dominates the entire valley, and peole must be able to see it from miles away o a bright day. To me, the idea that this gigantic monument has bee there for so lang and has been seen by my ancestors was something very, very special. It is almost indescribable. Our guide took some time to tell us about the tomb and it's construction and after this she took our group inside. Once inside I was awed by the skills of the people who built it. It was so pretty and majestic on the inside, it was hard to remember the people who created this had so little in he way of tools...Our guide told us about the wintersolsitice, because around this date the sun enters the roofbox of Newgrange and shines along the passageway. She simulated this effect by turning of the lights and an artificial beam reproduced the effect of the sun.It was just awe inspiring and very very magical. It made me cry, I felt so at home and so comforted, deep inside Danu's womb. I think I could just hav estayed there for the rest of the day. Regretfully, that was not possible, but as soon as I have a chance I will be going back for sure. And if you ever happen to be in Dublin, even for just a couple of days, go and experience it yourself.

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