Wednesday, March 13, 2013

tag swap

I have been following the Inspiration Avenue blog for a while now, and love reading all the creative stories. Last year I participated in the post card swap and I loved getting handcrafted things from all over the world in my mail box. So when a new swap was anounced in January it was a no brainer to participate again. We were to make tags this time, and because the tags were to be mailed out in February the theme was hearts ( Valentine's day..). So here are the tags I received ( Sadly I forgot to save the envelopes and I can't credit them to anyone..please comment when you recognize your work). I love the little drawing in the first one, especially since I suck at drawing reallife people..The second one has some stitching in it and I love stitchery ( at the moment I am working on a quilt), and I absolutely love the saying and the way it was executed on the last one. It is almost a two for one..Follow your heart and art! Love them all!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two birds with one stone

At the moment I am making a cover for my shamans drum. I wanted to start weaving in the round straight away, but found the thread was a bit thin. The lady who gave me the tutorial used a fingerknitted cord, and I decided to use a crocheted thread. So now I am making the thread for my weaving project and teaching myself to crochet at the same time. I am getting good at keeping the tension the same and my chain stitch will be awesome. Later on I will try something more complicated, but for now I am happily watching speedskating and crocheting...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A lot has happened since I last posted on my blog. All my time got eaten up by wedding preparations as the big day neared. On the 19th of October we had a wonderful wedding, with handmade decorations, flowers and food provided by friends and lovely summer weather in autumn. So after over 11 years of living together I am now Mrs Meyer- Gerritzen. I kept my own name as wel, so now I get to spell my last name twice, neither of them follows the usual spelling. After the wedding we took some time to just relax and enjoy being married. I still have to get used to saying my husband instead of my partner.....I have been saying that for so long. Will get used to the husbandthing eventually I guess, lol. After a month of relaxing a busy time birthday, the dutch holiday of Sinterklaas and of course Yule and the new year..So for now I am off for a fresh start, I want to start blogging more faithfully, since it is a good way for me to vent, and I like writing. D and I have been trying to have a baby for a while and it has not worked out so far, My brother- and sister in law were having the same issues, but with a bit of help from the hospital they are now expecting twins, due in a couple of months. Because we can relate to their issues and love them a lot we are really happy for them and I am busy making baby presents. So when my own sister called yesterday to tell me she was pregnant for the third time I did not expect it to hurt so much..but it did. They already have two healthy boys and were not planning on having a third child...Besides that, me and my sister have not really gotten along the last couple of years. She always gives me the feeling I a failing by not finishing university, not having a job, a car and a house we own. I don't know if she does it on purpose, but it hurts. She does not seems to acknowledge I am ill...It is an old issue and I really did not expect it to hurt so much..I am glad we have good friends who came by after work to play a few boardgames and distract me... On a happier note..since Izzy passed away we acquired a new feline friend for our house. This time we got a black ad white cat from the pund, and called hin Puck. He had a medical condition which needed an expensive plastic surgery..but he was so cute. He still is cute, without his too large eyelid. As I am writing this he is nagging me to be let out, lol. As sioon as I am on the main pc I will upload you a picture of our monster... For now I am going to do some shopping in the city centre, and read my book

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sometimes I just stand back and wonder at what is going on in society. It is like I am not a part of it and I do not really want to be, or even need to be. I have my friends, volunteer at a care home, seem blessed in so many ways. I am not part of the rat race that modern society has become. Sometimes I find myself waxing nostalgic about earlier decades, when life seemed somuch simpler.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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