Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday mutterings

Today was a very trying day, but with a fun reason. Yesterday evening D. and I went to a Fairy Ball, and we were home late, pasi 1 am. Too bad the alarm clock sounded at 6 am....I will just go to bed early today I guess. We had good fun, mainly because of our friends and the atmosphere they created. Too bad the setting wasn't great, there wasn't enough room to do a proper ball folk dance at all. But we danced our own weird, improvised dances and had fun anyway. I receied a wonderfull present as well from T. She had an enlargement printed from a photo she took in Glastonbur, in the Chalice Well gardens. It is a picture of one of my beloved squirrels ( I will tell you about my connection with these cuties later on). I will go and frame it soon, because it is so lovely! Thank you T, you are the best! Even better, when I came home today there was a very pretty card waiting from her when I came home. She sent it to make me smile and to tell me I am doing great. That is always nice to hear, of course. Lately I have been trying to learn to love an dappreciate myself. That of course means taking care of myself as well, and that has never been my strong suit, I just didn't feel I was worth taking care of, or pampering. I always tried to hide in large skirts and behind my long and dreary hair. I haven't started loving myself all of a sudden, but I am working on it by taking care of myself. I had my hair cut in a more feminine way, I use make up and try to feel girly and pretty. Sometimes it is an uphill battle but some days even I think I look pretty ( and I have always been my own harshest critic. For now I will go and enjoy my cup of tea, I have earned some r & r before starting dinner ( we are having salmon, with fennel and rice I think). See you all soon!

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