Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I am having a hard time these last couple of days....I feel very tired and melancholic for some reason. It is just hard to motivate myslf to go and do stuff, to be creative in any way. I am fed up with feeling like that. In a few more minutes I am claring my desk and I will go and do somthing.......just to get the energy flowing again. Maybe that will make me feel better ( aaarg the e on my keyboard seems to have died.....taps it hard...better now..) Last Sunday I started a new diet, to lose some more weight and to help me fight of my depressions. I have stoppped eating wheat and dairy, which should help my metabolsim, and I am trying to eat less carbs. I will keep you postd about the results, and just to be honest...I started at 90 kg. It seems the neurotransmitter I am having troubl with, serotonin, is very much influenced by what you eat, but it also affects the production of insulin, and thus my metabolism...Interesting what just one thing can cause in a body, huh? For now I am just keeping my fingers crossed, because D had a job interview on Tuesday,and the lady h had the interview with left a message telling him to call her after 16:30 h......I hop he gets it...fingers crossed!!! Talk to you soon

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