Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello everybody

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you wl know I am ok. I have just been terriby busy with my job and have been to tired to write anything proper. Promise it will be better in the new year. For now I have some news about myself. I have been to see a gyneacologist and a psychiatrist to see if I can safely have a baby while on my meds. They decided the risk of me stopping my antidepressants where bigger than the risks of the side effects of the meds. I am glad I do not have to sop taking my pills, because sometimes it seems they are the only thing keeping me going. So D. and I can try for a baby of our own now, I only have to report to the hospital when I am pregnant. Another good message is I have finally found a therapist that seems to be working for me. She is a registered natural therapist, and we talk about why I am on this planet and what lessons I have to learn in this life. This week we did a short regression, going back to the point where I chose my parents, to see if I could figure out what lessons I need to learn. My baic lesson turns out to be trust, in myself, not depending on others, on being sure of myself. I think this lesson is one of the hardest I have to learn and I know this life isn't my first try at it either. I'll get back to you on this subject. For now this is all, I have to go and type some emails

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