Saturday, December 19, 2009

A hell of a week

Wow, I am so glad it is saturday..I've had a hell of a week. Last Monday my soulsister Moonhare finally had her brain surgery. She has been suffering from a benign brain tumor for almost two years and it is finally gone. She isn't sick anymore, it is 'just' recovery now.... Last Sunday D. and I travelled to Leiden to support Monhare and her family by watching the kid and the cats and dogs...Monday was a hell, waiting for the call from the hospital to tell how the surgery was. The call came later than we expected and Moonhare's husband was strung out on stress and coffee by the time the good news came. Surgery went well and he could come and sit with her.D. and I watched the kid, did the shopping and cooking and waited for him to come home. After dinner he took me to visit and it actually scared me to bits..she was so ill, so sick and she looked so small in the big hospital bed with all the wires and iv tubes coming from her body. I tried to work the next day but I totally lost it, I broke down and went home....had to have some down time after the stress. I worked the rest of the week and tried o go and visit her last Thursday. That did not work out because of major snowfall. The trains were not running and the highways were jammed up. Yesterday at 16:00 my phone whent while I was working, Moonhare's husband calling..I couldn't pick it up straight away so I called him back, nervous and hart racing. The news was extreme...she was home..... I still can't believe the week I have had, don't even want to imagine how her week was. I will go and visit her today, give her a cuddle and just sit with her. Meanwhile I will ray for here speedy recovery...She earned it.

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