Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have loads of news again. I will start with the nes about my opa. It's not cancer!!! Very glad about that. We were out of the doctor's office in about five minutes, it's just an infection that has to clear up on it's own. Opa won't have to see the doctor till january. Good news in another part of my family. My younger sister give birth to a healthy baby boy on the 4th of October. He's a mont early but healthy and is named David Daniel ( Daniel after our opa..). So now I am an auntie for the first time. Still feels weird, because we are trying to have kids of our own as well, but I have to see a specialist because I take anti depressants.. More news...still very busy with work, I really need a few days off, but that's not likely to happen for a few more weeks, maybe not even this year.We migt be the only company that is soooo busy. The company I work for is a semi governemental organisation that helps people find a new job after being sacked. It is actually a requirement for unemployment benefits to be registered with het Werkbedrijf ( Workcompany). So we are still training new employees every month. Hope I will write to you again sooner, lots of love


  1. I guess yoy feel really reliefed, hearing the good news about your grandpa. And congratulations with the birth of your nephew.
    lots of love
    from tarja's mum :)

  2. congratulations on your families good news. Wishing you perfect moments where ever you find them until you can get a few days off.

  3. Sounds like things are good! I'm so glad for you!

    Oh, and you won the greeting cards from Spirit Helpers! Please use the contact button at the top of my blog to send me your shipping info, along with your choice of three cards.


  4. HI! I can't seem to find your email. Can you send me an email at mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com


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