Monday, August 3, 2009

A wonderful weekend

I had a terrific weekend with friends and family. We spent both saturday and sunday at a renaissance fair, strolling around, watching people enjoying the food and some great music, combined with maybe a bit too much mead. I really enjoyed relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere and generally hangig out with people I don't get to see everyday. My friend E. combined a research trip from Ireland with a trip to Castlefest and I really enjoyed seeing her. On saturday evening there was a great show by a Dutch pagan band called Omnia, combined with the burning of a wicker figure to celebrate Lughnasad. They palyed this song last, and it was great, a 1,000 people shouting the chorus..loads of energy, a great way of honouring the Morrigan. This post turned out to be quite chaotic, but I am just beat....

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