Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful reminder

Last Saturday I went to the beach with a group of pagan friends to have a drumming circle. Not for the first time we didn't do any drumming, but we enjoyed the weather and the company, along with the food ( even with the extra ingredient you can't avoid at the beach, sand, lol).For me it was extra special. Most of you know Danu is my matron goddess, and to me she is a water goddess, and especially a sea goddess. I hadn't swum in the North Sea in ages, and I felt so relaxed. I was able to enjoy myself, let my inner child out and be free, without worrying about my body ( Thanks for the tankini, T.) and about what other people would think of me. My mother held me in her arms, encouraged me to play, rocked me and caressed me. It was a beautiful experience and a definite reminder to do this more often. Plus, it allowed me to wash away all the stress and insecurity that came with my new job, I had a wonderful time. The plan is to go to the beach for Mabon, Danu's feast and the time of her element. I will definitely be swimming again, even though the weather will probably not be too nice anymore by then.I will go to the beach more often to honour Danu, and because the beach is not exactly beside the door I will try and find a good place to honor her at one of the major rivers near our home. All rivers eventually reach the sea, and all water is part of a beautiful circle. I haven't fully delth with all the emotions and ideas I picked up last Saturday but it was a great reminder of Danu..I should allow more time to honor her and enjoy life.

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