Saturday, June 6, 2009


Grandpa is home from hospital, and is able to do small things in the garden again. He is doing so much better and is very glad to be home. So am I, since it takes some of the pressure off, and I am able to relax now. D. has been on a trip to Sweden with his judo club. They went to a tournament and clinic in Lund near Malmo. He enjoyed it but came home beat ( duh, they took a bunch of teenage kids, lol). We are thinking about returning to Scandinavia for a holiday somewhere in the future. At the moment D. is in Groningen where he and some other students from Leiden participated in a team judo event for students. They did really well last time, sadly they came 7th ( of 8) this time. The good news is the overall level was much higher this year.He injured himself, and bruised his shoulder, so I'll be extra nice to him when he comes home today. Well, I have to be off to do some writing now....

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