Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life can be a witch....

Life can be so unfair...some of the best people seem to get ill or don't feel good in their own skins..Unfair, it makes me wanna stomp my foot!!! A friend of mine has been having problems at work, he's totally stressed out and his boss isn't really cooperative, to say the least..I wish him all the best and will keep him in my thoughts since that is pretty much all I can do. Grandpa is still in hospital, but feeling a lot better and he might even be coming home this weekend. On the positive side, I am feeling quite good despite still not having a job. I am very much in touch with my homely side and take pride in keeping the household running. I also enjoy my craftwork and my knitting.....I sound like a regular soccer mom....the only thing missing is a kid or two, lol. Actually, I wouldn't mind that at all..for some reason I keep seeing myself as a mom lately.Who knows what kind of web the Goddess weaves. Amid all the bustle of daily life it can be hard to keep up with the spiritual part of your life. Yes, the Goddess is always with me but sometimes it would be nice if I could actually spend some quality time with her...Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise from Megan Welti. She not only mailed me a Danu print for our art swap, but she also included an art card of the Goddess Nut, something she felt drawn to do.. I absolutely love it and came close to tears when I saw it.This is what she wrote about Nut: Nut is the Egyptian creator goddess. Every night she swallows the sun and gives birth to it at Dawn. She is the mother of Isis and Osiris, as well as many other gods and goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon. She is part of the Spiral Dance Collection which portrays the goddesses as a mix of human features and expressions of energy, which flow out from their hands and feet as spirals but can also be expressed through other elements associated with them. She is faceless so that each individual can imagine the features that they need to see in order to have a personal connection with her. I do not know a lot about the Egyptian pantheon, but I will do some research and let you know what I find.

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