Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday i received a letter from de Slegte, saying I was not going to be invited for a job interview...major dissapointment since I would have loved working with books. Apparently it isn't to be. After this dissapointment I remembered I took a callcenter test with a job agency some weeks ago and never heard back. It appears I did really well for a person without any experience in a a job might not be too far away. I have an interview at the agency on monday.I hope they will have a job for me soon, we really need the money. We had great plans to go to an international garden and nursery show in the neighbourhood tomorrow. We both enjoy gardening and finding special plants is fun as well. I looked up some info on the event and the entrance fee is 12 euros per person. We figured that's too steep, we'd rather buy some plants to actually enjoy in our garden with that money. Luckily we still have Litha to look forward to..we'll be enjoying the sabbat with friends in Leiden.So I wish all of you a happy Litha as well and hope you enjoy your weekends

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