Sunday, April 5, 2009


Blowing bubbles in the garden, this is the girl from next door. This is a felt projest I completed last Friday. It is a felt spring mandala that I made from a kit ( copyright Atelier Lindelicht). I enjoy working with woolfelt, it is easy, doesn't have to be gives me a sense of acomplishment when I finish a project. Woohoot, it is the first weekend in a while we get to stay home. I love our friends and family, but sometimes it is nice just to stay home together and veg out.The weather isn't as good as it was last week, the sunshine has dissapeared behind lots of clouds....Too bad, but we'll still enjoy ourselves and have fun inside. Yesterday we did some useful stuff around the house, I tidied the hobby room, ran a load of laundry and D. and me cleaned the aquarium ( I hate algae..). In the afternoon my dad in law and his grilfriend visited and I got creative with the girl next door. She is almost 7 years old and we did a great painting together for her birthday on some left over wallpaper. She enjoys spending time with us because she doesn't have to share our attention with her two smaller brothers ( who are 2 and 1).After the painting we had a snack and had a great time blowing bubbles outside. We laughed a lot. After a short session of playing doctor with my stuffed animals she had to go home and we went to do our shopping for the weekend. After dinner we watched some tv, then visited with a friend. He returned from a long holiday on Curacao ( do you spell it like that?) and wanted to give us a small gift for watching the cats for him. We talked a lot and got home around eleven pm, so it was straight to bed for us. Today I am up early, we are going to watch the F1 GP of Malaysia later on, enjoy the Tour of Flanders cycling on tv, read a book and maybe do some craftwork ( I promised my mom in law I would make her a felt bunny for Easter). So it is just another weekend of relaxing for us...nothing special but we will enjoy it. Almost forgot the most important news! I already lost about 5 kilos on my diet! Yay me, yay me..I am really happy with it, but still have 15 more to go.

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