Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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My friend Mrs B. over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has a wonderfull feature on her blog, pagan journal prompts.I especially liked the prompt for today: March 31 * Have you started a garden? How do you incorporate magic into it? Do you have a favorite gardening/seed planting/harvesting chant or prayer? Do you have a gardening deity? Lately we have been really busy wirking in our garden, cleaning up garbage left behind by the last people who rented it and weeding.Plus we planted a tree to get some height in the garden.I really love gardening, and these last few days the weather has been wonderfull. It wil keep being good at least till the start of next week. As for incorporating magic in my gardening work, I don't really do that...I don't have a special gardening deity. I tend to plant things with intent..Talking to the plants, encouraging them to grow and prosper in their new home. When we planted the new tree ( it is a prunus mume beni shidon, an ornamental apricot) we did a short ritual, blessing it and tying ribbons to the branches. I think it will turn out to be a very special tree... After that we did some drumming in the garden, me on the djembe and D. on the bodhran, to wake the earth ( and the neighbours, lol....I can't seem to keep a rythm, lol).So looking back to what I have written, yes I do use magic in my gardening, although silently and without much extras.I wanted to share some pics of my garden as well....it is still a work in progress because we only started it when we moved here. There was nothing there when we came to live here, just tiles and concrete. We have planted lavender which we already had and some new things. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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  1. I'd call doing a planting and drumming ritual very magical! What a beautiful way to welcome a plant into your life!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


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