Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knitting and felt work

I promised to show some pics of my knitting and of the little dollies I make from felt, so here you are.... I knitted the wool bearthingie from a very simple pattern in a hildren's craft book, but I am starting to get better. Now I am thinking about knitting myself and D. some nice and warm shawls for the next winter ( an't start early enough, lol). I have also knitted another woolreature for the girl who lives next door. She will be 9 in two weeks, and I knitted a mouse for my mom in law. I still have to put them together, so I an't show you any pictures yet. My next projet is a dahshund.. The felt puppet is from a pattern I bought. It wasn't all that easy but I really enjoyed it. At the monment I am working on a hain of violets. It's tiny, and painstaking. I can only do one at a time before I get to shaky and nervous. Two down, ten to go, lol

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