Monday, March 23, 2009


In this time of air, drifting with the clouds and flying with the birds I have had to make a hard choice....My students financing plan stopped and I had to think hard about finishing university or not. I don't have a lot left to do, but these last couple of years I have not made any progress due to my circumstances ( my mom died and I suffer from repeating depressions). It would cost me a lot, financially and emotionally to finish it, and I finally decided it wasn't ment to be.So, I am looking for a job now, and decided to pursue happiness in life instead of a carreer like I always planned. When I started university carreer and succes were very important to me. During my time in Leiden I learned a lot about the value of friendship and the joys of life.I met all my friends in Leiden, and I found the Goddess there. I met Evelien as a fellow student and we got to be real close. She has supported me, helped me and loved me despite all my quirks and issues. I met my partner D., and he has been the love of my life, the most stable factor in my madness. Without him i would not be here anymore. Thessa showed me the path to the Goddess, and I met people through her who are very important to me.... So I have learned a lot, the value of friendship and happiness in life, changed a lot during all those years I spent in Leiden. But now it was time to make this hard choice. It is time to go on with my life and to see wat this new path brings me. I am currently looking for a ( full time) job, and am curious to see how my and our life will turn out. I know I am surrounded by friends who will support me, no matter what I do. I don't know how my family will react, but I know it is the right choice to make. It is time to move on so I can grow

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  1. School is not for everyone, and it can come and go as you grow and change. Who knows, maybe you'll go back one day! I have taken classes here and there (when I can afford them!) in my late 30's and have really enjoyed them.

    Good luck on your job search!


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