Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thoughts on tuesday

Tuesday again...time just seems to be flying by. The weather here is depressing, it has been raining all day and the sky remains grey. Last weekend it was much better, we had some sunshine. We could actually do some work in the garden, it needed weeding again. Plus we are planning to plant a tree...as soon as the weather gets better. I am thinking about getting either an apple or a cherry tree. Maybe an elder, as home to the fey folk. I am taking my grandfather along when we go buy it, he is really good at gardening. He is 84 and still grows a lot of vegetables in his own bayckyard, even potatoes. It is getting harder on him though, but he loves it. Now we live closer I can go help him out in the garden when he needs it. He likes that I like to garden..my little sister doesn't like it as much. On the diet front things are going good. I have kept to my diet and I have been exercising every day. I will weigh myself once a week to see what I've lost. My starting weight was 98.6 kilos ( shock!!!!) and I think I lost some weight. I will know for sure on thursday. Today I have started going to a yoga class. I'm kinda shy, so it wasn't easy, but I really liked it. The teacher is very nice and I am already looking forward to the class next week. I am also thinking about taking up another sport, something a bit more streneous so I will lose the weight faster. I am also very creative lately. I have been making some felt puppets, small ones. We call them antropsophic dollies. When one is finished I will post a pic. I might not be very good at it but I am certainly enjoying it!I am teaching myself to knit as well. My sister in law started knitting during our Texel holiday and it looked neat, so I figured I would give it a try as well. I will keep you posted on my progress!

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