Monday, February 2, 2009

My Imbolc weekend

In the past weekend we were really busy doing fun stuff. Both D. and I travelled to Leiden to celebrate Imbolc. We had an evening gathering outside, in the cold, but Iit wa sreally good fun. We had a healing circle, in which everybody told what he or she would like to be healed in themselves or somebody else. It was really touching and special. We poured some milk as an offering and to warm up we had a short drum ritual to awaken the world. After the ritual we sat and talked ( inside) for quite some time. We spent the night at our friends house, so the next morning I was awakend with a doggie kiss and demands from her two year old to read Dora the Explorer ( aargh, not good things when just waking up) We had a wonderful sunday in the Amersfoort zoo, despite the cold. We saw some wonderful animals, bears and white tigers.I fell in love with the white tigers, they have an otherworldly quality. It is almost like stepping into faery when you look into those eyes.We pampered our inner child with hot chocolate, and a ride in the electric train...( yep, 5 grown ups and one kid...)We laughed a lot. When we got home on sunday evening I was beat, but I had so much fun!!

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