Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tattoo plans

I have had plans to get a tattoo for about 6 months now, and these last few days they have become more real. The moment of actually getting it is coming closer ( did I mention I am afraid of needles and am a big wuss? lol). A close friend, T., has been working on redrwawing my idea. The basic idea is shown in the picture above, but has been changed some. Her boobs have been moved to a more normal position, and the spiral on her tummy is changing as well. It will be a symbol my friend found and reminds us both f my patron goddess Danu.Plus, it will be moved a bit lower, so it centers the body better. I am also getting it done in another colour because the black is to harsh. I am trying to choose between liliac with a darker outline or sea green/blue with the same...I like lilac and purple, but I also like the other idea since to me, those are Danu's colours. Plus they would look better with the symbol we are planning on. On the one hand I am really looking forward to getting it since it is a symbol of my connection with the goddess, she is always with me. On the other hand I am scared, not so much of what people will think of me, but of the tattooing itself, since I am kind of a wuss...I will just bring D. for moral support, and T. is coming along as well.

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