Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thoughts on books.

I have been on a reading spree these past couple of weeks, and I wanted to share some of the wonderfull books I have discovered. First of all, there is the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. It is a series about a street kid who is apprenticed by a magical assasin. He discovers his destiny when the city he lives and works in is taken over by northern invaders. It is a serious high fantasy epic, with good characters and plots. The setting is described in full, and I really enjoyed. At the moment I am reading the latest Fiona McIntosh, Royal Exile, which is also highly enjoyable. So far it has been a real pageturner, and I can't wait to find out more. I have also read Empress of Mijak by Karen Miller. It's a fast paced book with many events. It starts out very promising, but somehow it did not really grab my attention. To me, the main character seems somewhat distant and unreal. Today I have bought part 2 in the series. It has a new main character and a different setting, so I am hopefull it is better. I really liked her other books so far, so it is too soon to give up hope entirely In between everything I have been reading some Terry Pratchett books as well. I am slowly working my way through the Discworld. I have just finished Carpe Jugulum and The fifth elephant. His books are always hilariously funny, but somehow there is almost always a reflection on our world. He tends to sneak these in, so you have to pay attention. So, that's enough writing about books. I am going back to my reading!

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