Monday, January 5, 2009


When I woke up this morning the world was covered with a white blanket. So pretty.It will probably last a few days as well, since teperatures will drop back below freezing. In the coming night it is supposed to get real cold, minus 11 degrees centigrade. Brrrr... The entire country seems to have skating fever. It has been over ten years since we could skate on natural ice on the lakes here. I might even go ice skating as well, if I can find my iceskates. Izzy, our cat, did not like the white stuff outside. After a while he actually touched it, but you could see him thinking 'What is this cold yukky stuff on the ground? ' He continually kept one foot off the ground, even tried for two. It made walking hard, and really funny to watch. We also ventured out to do some shopping, but we went by bus instead of by bike. The roads are just to slippery.Besides, the main roads for cars have been cleared, but there is still a lot of slushy grey stuff, which I do not want to get splattered with.

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