Sunday, January 11, 2009


These last few days it has been like living in a fairy land. My surroundings were covered by snow and it was cold. The world was so pretty, that I just had to share it with you.The picture above shows the tree that is in front of our house. Yesterday we went to our favorite spot in a local forest and it was truly magical. The sun was slanting across the snow and made it glitter in so many colours, blue, red, green and pink. It was incredible. I could imagine fairies dancing across the snow and leaving their fairy dust all over the place. Since we went nice and early it was still quiet in the forest and I was able to spend some time meditating with my special tree. It is a really big beech tree, with a hollow in it's roots that makes a perfect seat for one. I really enjoyed it, and I feel I really communicated with it. It gave me some calm and strength, and I could almost feel the tree inside of me.I was a part of the world, connected by its roots to the earth, and the birds in the branches connected me to the sky. It was wonderfull and magical, and I really should go more often

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