Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun weekend

I had a fun weekend these past few days. We went grocery shopping on saturday, and visited my grandparents to pick up some home grown vegetables ( cale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, carrots and the like). At home we baked two pies to help out a friend whose birthday we would go to the next day. On sunday we hopped in the car early to drive to Leiden, which took us about an hour and a half. When we arrived at our friend T.'s house, we unpacked all the stuff from the car, and had some tea. And of course we gave her some presents, I think she really liked them. During the day we had a lot of fun talking, and we helped out doing the dishes. I had a busy but wonderful day with friends. While we were in Leiden we bought a djembe, an african drum. It makes a wonderfull earthy, deep and rich sound. We'll have to practice a lot, to make it sound like anything but noise, nut I think we will enjoy that. D. has already looked up some lessons on the internet.I should practice playing the bodhran more often as well.

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