Wednesday, March 13, 2013

tag swap

I have been following the Inspiration Avenue blog for a while now, and love reading all the creative stories. Last year I participated in the post card swap and I loved getting handcrafted things from all over the world in my mail box. So when a new swap was anounced in January it was a no brainer to participate again. We were to make tags this time, and because the tags were to be mailed out in February the theme was hearts ( Valentine's day..). So here are the tags I received ( Sadly I forgot to save the envelopes and I can't credit them to anyone..please comment when you recognize your work). I love the little drawing in the first one, especially since I suck at drawing reallife people..The second one has some stitching in it and I love stitchery ( at the moment I am working on a quilt), and I absolutely love the saying and the way it was executed on the last one. It is almost a two for one..Follow your heart and art! Love them all!!!!

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