Sunday, February 5, 2012

She who talks with relations....

In the last week of January I started a new year long spiritual training based on the Clanmothers by Jamie Sams. Once a month a group of women of all ages ( I am the youngest at 30) gather to learn, celebrate and unite.
Being me, I was vey nervous about the first meeting. Needless of course,because we were made very welcome and felt right at home, being plied with tea and cookies. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and cheer. The group quickly felt like a cohesive unit, wich ensured me that I would be able to share my pains and dreams with women that I hardly knew at this point.
We started our circle with a beautiful ritual of recognition and salutatio, after which the quarters were called with song and spirit was invited. During the circle we sang and share our feelings and thoughts. Each time after a sharing we returned to our own centre, our heart and soul. This is a good way to ensure I don't get swamped with feelings and concern for others...for me this was THE essential lesson, being in tune with your self enhances communication and connection ewih others.
During the day we each sought our own sacred place in the woods nearby. I found a lovely shelterd spot near two immature trees. This place will be my spot for the rest of the training and even now, writing about it, I long to return there. It will be my place to be quiet, to still the whirlwind in my head and reconnect.
Over all I loved the day and I am already looking forward to the next meeting.

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