Monday, January 2, 2012

A brand new start

Wow, I can't believe it is 2012 already. Sometimes the years just seem to fly by.....without any particular memories attached to days or even months. As you know 2011 was not particularily good for me, but I have learned a lot ad it has helped me realise I don't have time to waste thinking about the future and the past. It is ok to make some plans, but I have to live in the now, the present. Realising this has affected my new years resolutions quite a bit. There are no really lofty goals for this year, my main resolution being to enjoy life every day, in the smallest things if nothing big is happening....Of course there are some things that are more practical that I want to realise: 1 taking better care of myself and my body 2 taking my art more serious 3 getting married ( plans are in the works, finally) Today I am enjoying the idea of a fresh new year, cooking a lovely vindaloo for supper, reading a good book ( Stephen King 11.22.63, in case you are curious), some tea to go with it and a bit of writing and crafting. I hope you all enjoy your day and the year!

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