Tuesday, July 5, 2011


<p>I have learned a valuable lesson these past few months. There will be light after darkness, things will turn out to be all right. These might sound simple and even logical if you have never suffered through a severe clinical depression. I was so far gone into my own inner darkness I didn' t realise this. Just about the only thing that still spoke to me were my plants, they were about the only thing I could enjoy...
Poppies were my favorite because they are so vibrant and lively. I undestand why the British use it to commemorate their war dead. Poppies are pioneers, when ground is disturbedit is one of the first plants to conquer this new ground. They were the first flowers that came to the trenches at the end of World War One....and this is what I felt like after living with hell in my head or such a long time. I have claimed poppies, or maybe they have claimed me. Poppies are my plant spirit helpers, they show me things will be all right, no matter what. That is why I have a new tattoo on my leg, to remind me of the lesson poppy taught me.

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