Monday, July 5, 2010

Manic monday

I got tons of stuff done over the weekend with D out of the way. It was time for a good house clering and cleaning. Today was D's first day in his new job and I kinda relaxed.I didn't feel too good when I got up this morning, sometimeds I just have these days when that happens. I did some grocery shopping, nothing special. But when I unpacked my basket at the cash register I noticed most of my products where organic. Go me! At home I had some tea, my mom in law came over for tea and a chat. After that I didn't feel like being alone....felt rubbish actually So I called my grandparents to see if they were home and biked over. I helped out in the garden by picking berries. Mainly for my own benefit, since gran's freezer is so full they might make it through another world war....I took home about 3 kilo's of berries. I have loved these berries since I was a kid, but Goddess, picking them isn't fun. It does connect you to the land and the Goddess. There are plenty of berries left for the blackbirds to eat, we have to share of course. Tomorrow I am going to see my therapist, I am going to try and take some babay steps in the direction of a regular life again.I might actually get some help from the government on that, but it will take an appeal about my disability benefits. I am glad D knows how this stuff works, so he can handle it for me. I try to keep up with all the paperwork, but to be brutally honest I can't. At the moment I am having a good day if I don't cry or feel like crying, and all that stuff freaks me out a lot. Apart from that I will go and help out mom in law. Someone is coming over to pick up some origami books, but she can't be at home...I will go over and make sure the books get handed over. Because I am in the neighbourhood I moght go and do some shopping, the town she lives in has some nice and special shops. I hope you all had a better day,e njoy your evening.

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