Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decision time

My job agent from the temp agency I worked for called me yesterday, to make an appointment. I immediately got nervous, because this ment I had to face the facts....I have been home on sick leave for over a month now, and just the idea of going back freaks me out a lot. In my heart, I know I don't want to go back. I like helping people, but it is just getting me stressed out and even making me ill.So today at my meeting, we decided together I wouldn't be going back to the office, the contract would be ended by mutual agreement. My agent was very supportive and nice about it, told me I should get well first, and not to come back for a callcenter job..... So, I have faced the facts, reached a decision. It is hard to admit I can't do something, but I already feel better for ding so. I am glad I had the opportunity, since D. was accepted for a full time job yesterday. It feels good to not be the one who is responsible for the main income. I will go back to work, I do not want to get isolated, just not straight away. Another positive point is that I actually did qualify for the young handicapped benefits. This means my income will be kept up to 75% of minimum wages, and they might have to help me find a new suitable job. So things are looking up for me. Our live has been turned topsy turvy, but mostly to the good. D. might be able to keep teaching some judo, just not to the extent he was doing....but I now he will still be involved in the club in other ways.

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