Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tough times

Somehow this week seems to be extra hard this year. In Europe it is mother's day tomorrow and it was my mom's birthay on the 7th. It hit hard this time, so hard in fact I tok 2 days of from work,. Not by choice but by necessity, since I started crying over breakfast on Thursday. Thanks to a very kind D. and loving mother in law I am feeling a lot better at the moment. I have had a relaxing couple of days, and boy I needed them. I baked some muffins, quite a challenge without wheat and milk. I used spelt flower and it actually worked really well. Next time I want to use stevia to sweeten them, to cut down on the sugar.Instead of regular milk I used soy wich worked fine. I love experimenting in the kitchen, and working around the lack of wheat and dairy is an interesting challenge. Today I worked in the garden as well, I have sown some poppies, sweet corn, butternut squash, woad and delphiniums, repotted the tomatoes and peas. I hope the harvest will be good this year. I enjoy pottering around in the garden and connencting to the Mother. It is such a miracle to see something grown from a tiny seed, into a full plant and eventually into something we can eat. I don't have any really exciting plan for tomorrow. It is my dad in law's 60th birthfau, so we have made two strings of 30 balloons....we are going to decorate the outside of his house tomorrow morning. How on earth we are supposed to take 30 balloons each? Without a car....across town? I don't know, but I'll make sure t bring some spare balloons, lol. I think we will have loads of fun! Ca't wait to see the look on his face, he doesn't know we are planning anything because D's brother is out of town. I am lookig forward to next week, it is another short one in the office, since Thursday and Friday are mandatory days off. I have promised myself a long weekend filled with creative stuff. D won't be around either, he is going to Sweden on a judo trip this Wednesday.Hope to see ya'll soon

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  1. Hai Nancy, doe je rustig aan en let je goed op jezelf. Heerlijk toch zo'n kort weekje, ik werk alleen dinsdag en dan ben ik 7 glorieus days achter elkaar vrij. Geniet van je rust en je tuintje.
    Liefs Sandra


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