Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Easter weekend

Here in Holland most people have two days off over Easter.....the sunday and the monday following it. Because I had last friday and yesterday of as well it was like a mini holiday to me. For the first couple of days I just poked around the house, clearing up and cooking. On Monday we decided to go for a walk in the forests nearby. Because we figured it wuld be busy we decided we'd leave really early, so we got on our bikes at half past six! It was really really early but so the magical time between day and night. First we biked for about 15 kilometers as it slowly got lighter and lighter. We spotted geese aplenty, and lots and lots of bunnies. We were actually the first people there when we parked our bikes. First we walked out over the moors for a bit to enjoy the views. Almost right away we spotted two deer. We were watching them and they ware watching us. Too bad our camera has broken down....Later on we decided to walk a tour of about 5 kilometers, which we extended to walk to an observation point. We enjoyed the silence and the magic of the sun creeping through the mostly leafless trees. At the observation point we spotted some more deer, and enjoyed rolling views of moors and forest. We truly live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. We keep on planning to go and walk but we hardly ever manage to do so. I hope we can go out more often in the future. To enable this we bougfht a good map in the visitor centre. I hope I will be able to tell you more about our walks. Enjoy your day!

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