Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Probably not a title you are expecting on a pagan blog......but I had to write this piece. I was writing some things down while wathching the news and this appeared on my paper. While I was enjoying the very good weather and the Beltane feeling in the air outside, people were suffering. I know people suffer on this planet every day, but something in this report struck me. It was about the feast of Easter and its celebration in the earthquake disaster area in Italy. I heard people talking about their faith helping, saw some impressive priests trying their very best to console and help people.... It was the first time I really SAW those images..they really hit home. The dark face of the Goddess was peeping out, reminding me that nothing and nobody can be forever, and that it has to be that way to maintain a balance....But the destruction I saw was devastating, people have lost loved ones, homes and historic buildings have collapsed. I know it is the way of the world, the Goddess creates and she destroys, but that does not make times like these any easier for those people. They will have to live in emergency shelters for years to isn't easy to see these things and not be able to do anything significant. Today the pope granted dispensation and a large funeral mass was said for those who died...over 200 coffins gathered together. White children's coffins stacked on those of their father or mother.....heartwrenching...The images were extra ordinary..people who truly seem to be consoled by their faith, sharing their grief...Those images really touched me. I do not share their faith, but I feel for them and I wish them all the best en strength for the difficult times to come..and when I next happen to be near a catholic church I will light a candle and say a prayer for them.

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