Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday thoughts

I just came home from a nice day of bookshopping in Amsterdam, had a cup of tea and watched the news. Wow....a plain crash near the main airport Schiphol....A Turkish airplane crashed in a field near the airport, parralel to a is almost a miracle it did not hit anything because that bit of the country is very busy. Nine people died, among them the two pilots. Several people are still in critical condition. The images are horrendous....They remind me of the other plain crash we had in the Netherlands, the Bijlmer disaster, which was even worse...It makes me angry and afraid because these accidents seem so random, people get hurt and die for seemingly no reason at all.It also makes me afraid of flying...because those images are so awful. Rationally, I know it is a very safe way of transport, but emotionally it is different. I can't imagine living near the airport and seeing this happen..there is a farm just 500 meters from the crash site.... So far the major news from the Netherlands. I had a wonderfull day shopping for books in Amsterdam. I bought the new books by Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armmstrong and Jules watson. I also picked up a book by Graham Hancock on the Arc of the Covenant named The Sign and the Seal. Lately I have been fascinated by the Knights Templar and they are a major feature in this book. I also bought a book with tales from Dutch history, mainly because it had a tale about Nehalennia in it. Nehalennia is a goddess who was revered in het coastal areas of the Netherlands that are close to Belgium. She protected travelers on the sea. Mostly she is depicted with a dog and a basket of apples, which to me also signify a connection to the otherworld or the underworld. Lately I have found she has three companion animals, the dog and the raven guard those who travel over land and the dolphin guards travelers on the sea. That last part really struck me since I have found that the dolphin is my totem animal. I am building a relationship with this goddess and her animals. Next Sunday I am going on a one of a kind dolphin experience in the dolphinarium. I am not actually going to swim with dolphins, but I do get to get very close to them, actually pet them and stuff. The only thing I am not looking forward to is wearing a wetsuit, lol. So you can expect a long post from me on Monday about the dolphins, with pics and all.On Friday I will go and attend a womens circle, where we can talk about stuff like selfconfidence and losing weight. I am also working on that part..A while ago I saw a pic of myself and realized I wanted to lose some kilos, all in all maybe 10 or 15..Starting tomorrow I will start a diet that has been very popular in Holland lately, namely the Sonja Bakker diet. It is not very severe, but it seems to work for many people, so I will give it a shot as well. On Friday we, that's me and D. will take T.'s older children to the museum of Ancient History to watch some mummies and stuff. I hope they like it.I know I enjoyed that museum...Just realized it has some ancient Nehalennia shrines, lol. Guess the Goddess is pulling at me.

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