Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy weekend

This past weekend we went on a short holiday to the island of Texel with D.'s mom, aunt, brother and sister in law. We always spend the first or second weekend of february together like that to celebrate my mom in law's birthday. We had a lot of fun this time, despte my shortlived run in with my sister in law, M. Our personalities are vastly different and sometimes we clash. I am glad we made up though, because I do not like leaving things like that to fester. When we arrived on friday we went to the beach. Sonce I was wearing my good shoes I took them of. I have to say, the beach in early february is cold....D. and I went so far as to walk into the sea.BRRRR!! People must have thought we were quite mad. Afterwards our feet warmed up quite well, thankfully. To celebrate my mon in laws birthday we went to the beach at midnight on saturday to have sone champagne. It was a magical moment, the moon was almost full, the stars were out and I could hear the sea. I could not resist. D. and I walked to the sea, where I called on Danu, standing in the westerly waters. I felt so connected at that moment. I could feel the sea pulling at me, whispering to me. It was truly magnificent and magickal. On sunday we visited a seal rescue center called Ecomare. They rescue seals that are washed up, heal them and feed them untill they are ready o go back to the wild. It was great fun seeing those funny creatures up close. In the shop I found a nice peace of pottery, it is a pottery shell with a blue green glaze. It's almost made to be a match to the bowl I bought in Glastonbury last year. Naturally, I could not resist it, and even now it is on my altar. All in all I had a wondefull if busy weekend, and lots to look forward to as well. Next saturday I will be going to Chartres cathedral with a group of friends. And on the first of March I will be getting up close and personal with dolphins. I wanted to get in touch with these wonderfull animals, since they have won a place in my heart. Thankfully the aquarium in Harderwijk offers the oppurtunity to get to know these wonderful creatures better. I am really looking forward to it...I think I will get very emotional, since dolphins touch the core of my soul, all my pain and sorrow. Another think I have to look forward to is getting tattooed. T. has made such a wonderfull design, which incorporates all the elements of Danu in a sinle, abstract design.

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