Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday evening we ( as in myself and my boyfriend) attended a group celebration for Yule. We lit candles to represent the return of the light and spoke our wishes for the coming year. To me it was a very special celebration. It was the first one I could attend after my initiation as a priestess of the Goddess, and the first one that D. was present for as well. I had a lovely evening after the ritual as well. We sat talking untill 1.30 am, and only arrived home at 3 am. So this morning we slept in, and we have been enjoying our day. I have read my book, D. has been playing his Xbox games, and we will have a cosey dinner for two later on. The mad dash for Xmas is back on tomorrow, with some last minute hunting to find a butternut squash for the Xmas day starter. I hope you all enjoyed your Yule as well BB


  1. Happy Yule & welcome to the blogosphere!

    ps- I'm a big fan of Sharon Kay Penman's books too-- I have them all and am waiting for her latest to come out in paperback (Devils's Brood)

  2. I have read it already, it's good.


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