Tuesday, December 23, 2008

thoughts on tuesday

I have been thinking about my studies a lot lately, since there has not been progress in them in a long time. I should have finished university years ago. Part of the delay is to blame on my depressions, but part also to myself. I think I am comfortable as a student. I know I have a place, a description of what I am. All that will change when I finish, I won't have a set place in society. Things will change for me, and I think that scares me more than I dare admit. I have been mulling about the years I wasted, and figured out something important. They are not wasted. Without them I would not have met people that have had a huge impact on my life. After failing in my first year in Russian language and culture I started as a history student. There I met E., who is still one of my best friends, despite living in Dublin. If I had finished university I would have moved sooner, and I would never have met Thessa. She has been the one who set me on the path of the Goddess, and has been a wonderfull teacher and become a great friend. Maybe this was all ment to be.....Even so, I am going to work to finish my education, despite my fears of what might or might not come after. The Goddess will be with me, wether the times are good or bad.

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