Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our cat

Since I wanted to figure out how to upload photographs I figured I'd show you our cat Izzy. We picked him up at a local animal shelter a couple of months ago, and I think he is the best cat ever. He likes going outside to annoy al the other cats in the neighbourhood, and likes to cuddle and be petted as well. He is about two years old and can be really playfull. We picked him because he has several healthissues, he has a slight heart murmur and a food allergy, and might not find a house otherwise.After he moved in with us we found he is also very sensitive to fleabites and earmites, so we have to be very careful and make sure he is ok. Lately he has taken to lying on top of our aquarium, probably because it is nice and warm when the lights are on. Thing is, the lid is slightly rounded, so when he falls asleep he tends to slide of...He likes the fish as well, they make for great cat tv. If this works I will post a pic asap.

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