Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My art

To cope with my depressions, which seem to be chronic, I do a lot of artwork. Since I enjoy it so much and it is a big part of my life, I decided I should share it here as well. I enjoy drawing mandala's, and colouring them with coloured pencils of a good quality. I like doing this because I am able to focus entirely on the mandala. I can basically shut out anything else. At the moment I am following an course on mandala drawing, which emphasises the spiritual aspects, the feeling of one-ness with the universe, a sense of connectedness and belonging. For me, the feeling of belonging and of being connected with the world is very important because I have never had a strong connection with my family. I also enjoy painting in acrylics, which allows me to express my emotions by making flowing, rather abstract paintings. The same goes for my work with soft pastels. Sometimes I do not even realize what I was feeling exactly untill I have drawn it. The end results can be pretty surprising. I work with watercolours as well, in coloring my mandalas. Here are some examples of my work, but the photographs don't really do them justice.The first two pictures above are mandala drawings, colored with pencils. The third is an acrylics painting.

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