Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We've had a tough couple of days here....Last saturday we let our cat Izzy go outside for his walk while we were cleaning the house. Nothing unusual there. But when our Izzy came back home he was dragging his legs and cold not walk properly. It worried us hugely and we decided to go to the vetś clinic. Since we have no car of our own we asked our neighbour to drive us, which he thankfully did.
The vet thought our cat might have taken a fall our had been kicked by somebody, but she also noticed a weak pulse in his leg. This was probably due to a blood clot in one of his veins. He needed some serious pain killers and some blood thinners and would be better of at the clinic. We decided to leave Izzy in the capable hands of the vet and her assistents.
Of course the house felt empty and we missed our monster a lot, but we still had hope. Especially after our call o the vetś office, when the vet told us he seemed better, He was moving around a bit in his cage. Still, it was awfully quiet in the house.
So, now it is monday..the doc called again and the news is not good. Izzy lost all control over his hind quarter and is horribly frustrated. The vet did an ecg, which confirmed the worst. His heart was not working properly, and sending more clots through his body..he coud not get better. I think, deep in my heart, I already knew before she called but it still felt and feels horrible....
We went to the clinic last night and had a good cuddle. He knew we were there and was happy with he attention, he even purred for a while. The vet came and gave hm his sedative and while we petted him he quickly fell asleep. After that came the final shot...
Even the vet said he was tired and it was ok..we could tell he was slipping away fast. The staff at the clinic wer very kind givig us all the time and space we needed, but we still had a tough time. Even now, writing this I am tearing up...I probably will for a while..but it really was for the bst. We didn't want him to struggle and suffer any more.
We will miss Izzy and cry for a bit, but we will also laugh at his silliness and the weird stuff he used to do ( like eat peas and beans, drinking soy milk etc)

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