Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last Thursday I derailed, in a therapy session I had to admit to myself I am totally stressed out and overtaxed. On advice of my therapist I am home on sick leaf for at least two weeks.....that stinks because I won't get paid but I really really need it. I need to rest and re-energize, eat good foods and sleep, and mainly try to relax. That last thing isn't as easy as it sounds, since I am having some trouble concentrating, which makes it kind of hard to read a book. When I am really into it it is ok, but before I reach that point I have to really really focus. So for the moment I am at home, trying to do some housework, and enjoy the garden, changed with some creative stuff when I feel good enough.I will keep you posted about what's happening to me

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  1. Hey Sweets,

    Hou je taai... ik hoop echt dat er verandering komt in jullie situatie, want dit is harstikke rot natuurlijk :(
    Weet dat ik aan je denk en van je hou, uit het oog is niet uit het hart!
    Dikke knus


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