Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yesterday, one of my very best friends had some horrible news...she is very ill indeed. We already knew she had a benign brain tumor, inoperable due to its place...and hard to do anything else about it. Recently she started feeling worse, and had her blood checked out...het condition is very bad. Radiation is not an option because it might damage her brain, so she is back on meds that left her unable to function the first time around. They cause her to pass out, faint, be unable to speak...And if that were not bad enough, she will have to take them for years while doctors look for an alternative. She will hurt while on meds or die.. It breaks my heart to see her suffer, she can be so full of life, so vibrant. Her flame is dimming, I wonder how long she can hold on...I hope her spark will brighten when she visits Avalon, because she needs it so much. It is so unfair, she doesn't deserve this suffering.... I wish her all the strenght she needs and will do anything to help, but like her, I am afaid it might not be enough

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