Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catching up

Wow, it seems like a long time since I have written a proper blog..I just seem so busy, and I don't really have anything noteworthy to tell. I finished my craft projects, but if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know I alwys dive right back in. I was knitting a comfort shawl for my friend T, and I have finished that. She loved it and actually wore it during most of our Beltane celebrations. Now I am knitting one for myself, in a dark and fluffy blue.At first I had a struggle with the yarn, since it is so thin and fluffy, but now I have the pattern established I am good to go. I also finished the felt project I was working on, and I think she turned out fine. See for yourself...I made her from a pattern by Atelier Inspiree to which I made a few changes. Her hair should have been in a tighter bun and she should be wearing crown. I did not like that, a spring queen should not look like a granny, lol. At the moment, I am getting into felting. Since last Thursday it would have been my mom's birthday ( she would have turned 50), Danny and I decided to do something fun, and felting was something we have wanted to do for a while now. I actually made something useful...a wonderful hat. I am certainly going to do some feltwork again. I am also working on another project, a summermandala, made to a pattern from Atelier Lindelicht. Though this one, but really enjoyable. I'll post pics as soon as it is done. Last week we had a holiday. On the 30th of April here in Holland we celebrate Queensday. It's a celebration of the Queen's birtday, but to make it complicated it is not her actual birthday, we just kept the date after the last queen, Juliana abdicated. On this day the queen usually visits a town, which draws a huge crowd of onlookers. Generally it is a very relaxed affair, but that might change next year. This year someone decided to drive his car through the crowds and try to attack the royal family......A horrific event, which killed 7 innocent people and the perpetrator..The country was in shock, maybe still is.. The video is quite don't watch around the little peeps..To make things clear, the royal family is in the bus, there is some Dutch commentary from a live tv broadcast that was taking place at the time. The perp died as well, so we will never really know why he did it, but I think we can safely say he was not in his right mind at the time. So that's all for now..I hope you had an enjoyable Beltane and will have a good weekend. This Sunday I will be going for a walk in the forest, at 't Solse Gat, a place to be considered very powerful and spiritual. I will report on that....

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