Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on tuesday

So, it is half past four in the morning here, the world is quiet. I don't even hear cars going by in the city. I could'nt sleep, so I figured I would go and write for a bit. I want to share my thoughts on quite a few things this morning, namely some books I have been reading, family, and the main news of the day worldwide, the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. I think I will start with that last bit. Here in the Netherlands there has been a lot of media attention for this event. So much so, you would almost think it is about our own government. Of course, American policy will have an impact here, but it might all be too much. Since I could not sleep I was listening to a talk radio show and the question they asked was " What do you think it is that makes Obama so special ?" So I have been thinking about that for half an hour..and here is what I figure. The man is a natural and gifted apeaker. He delivers his speeches extremely well. His message is one of hope and change, which is what many Americans are looking for, after 8 years of Bush. Here in Europe that hope is the same, I personally have never been a fan of Bush, and these last few years this has become main stream, here and in America. I recognize that the inauguration of the first black president is a historic moment, and I probably will be watching on tv. But I am also a bit cynical about all of it. Of course Obama is going to look and sound good after 8 years of George W....it can't get much worse. And promises are easy. I will be looking for change in times to come. For now, I will hope, and I hope Obama will live up to the dreams of the world. So, enough of politics for now. I have been doing some reading as well. I have just finished Hammer of God by Karen Miller ( not being able to sleep means extra time to read, lol).It forms a trilogy with Empress of Mijak and Riven kingdom. As I wrote previously, I did not much like the first book since the main character was so unlikeable. I started reading book two, and thankfully that all changed. I feel book two is much better, and the main character, Rhian, is a character I can relate to more. So all in all the series was a sattisfying read. I am a big fan of metaphysical fiction ( werewolves, vampires and the like) and have been reading it a lot in the last year or so. My favorite authors are Charlaine Harris,Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs and Laurell K. Hamilton. With this last author I have been having some issues, since her Anita Blake series seemed increasingly concerned with sex. Thankfully she has toned it down somewhat in her latest book Blood Noir. Some time ago I read an excerpt of the book Once bitten, twice shy by Jennifer Rardin, and I was sold. I ordered the book and read it really fast. I have found a new series to read, because I loved it. The main character is a top CIA agent named Jaz, who works with a vampire. She, Jaz, is a kick ass girl who has been through a lot, but still has a wicked sense of humor. I really liked the interplay between her and her vampire boss Vayl. I orderd the second book in the series and I am already looking forward to reading it. So, on the topic of family. I had a call from my younger, and only sister S.We had a nice chat about respective pets and things we were doing. She knows I am not well, and we talked about that as well. I liked it, she is really looking out for me. Might be weird, but it is nice to have a sister who does that. Since our mom died we have been getting closer, I feel. I like it, and sis, if you read this: I promise I will try and call more often. I have also made a wonderfull new friend, J. We met at a mutual friend's house,and it really clicked. We are into the same books,and he's into boardgames as well. We have had a good conversation by way of a webmessenger ( he lives on the opposite side of the country). So I hope we will be having some more of those conversations, and we are already making pland for him to come over to talk and play some games. So, I think I have bothered you people with my insomnia for long enough now. I will go and drink some tea, and, you guessed it, read a book, lol.

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